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About DiIvory

An Athlete Turned Businessman

Everybody learns in different ways - that's why I want to help bring a different perspective.

I never thought that this section would be so public today.

I’ve always wanted to make something of my life and felt I was destined for big things, all while helping other people.

However, after college I felt like I didn’t know anything about how to succeed in the business world. I also felt that I lacked the experience to attack the world and succeed.

I was constantly told I was short and I wouldn’t be able to do anything in sports when I wanted to be a quarterback.

I was always in the top of my class academically, insecure in my own obscurity, and yet I was told I couldn’t be a LEADER of a team.

There were many moments I didn’t understand my purpose in life; I experienced constant tension at home and push back from friends and family.

My parents pushed me hard, I pushed myself harder, I secluded myself from others, and I remember many times saying to myself (and the most high) why am I here and will this get any better.

The mind is powerful and if not guided right, it’ll make you feel like you have no purpose, vision, community or even any contribution in life. The moment when I started seeking information and advice on how to live life on my terms, that’s when everything changed and began to get clear.

I put all of my energy and attention into my dream of being a professional football player, and someday, a business owner. I made it all the way to the collegiate level in football, but unfortunately, I felt going to a startup program hindered my dreams. I knew who I was in sports but unproven in the real world.

Would anyone even know me?

Has anyone even heard of me?

How would I make money?

What am I really good at?

How would this new vision of my life look?

I used my obsession for learning and to learn everything I could about business and marketing outside of the college courses. I became a realtor outside of police work and it enhanced my learning of design, economics, human behaviors in sells. I also learned how to add value to people when I had no value to give but to offer my time and service.

Since then my journey has been awesome for me – not only helping people as a police officer, but also becoming an Amazon bestselling author, to working and networking with celebrities, speaking and inspiring people, advising for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs, and being able to gain knowledge and experience in multiple industries!

I truly believe that you get what you deserve in life and what you want may not always be your destiny. I didn’t get to live my dream as a pro athlete, but I have way more joy helping other athletes and professional grow to achieve their goals! I realized early on that when I focus and commit to my visions with actions towards them that anything is possible.

I never thought that without having any business experience I could go from struggling to find my purpose after sports to a six figure business in a couple years.

Now I’m committed to impacting 6 billion lives. I teach people how to perform at higher levels consistently over long periods of time so they truly define their legacies while making an impact on the world and others around them.

I do this through my coaching, books, videos, online courses, workshops, one on one interactions, as well as strategic advising on business and marketing strategies.

I’m so grateful where this life has taken me to help me design the life that I’ve chosen on my own terms. I truly believe we are the architects of our own life, and it took the adversity I’ve faced numerous times to solidify my beliefs. I’m more appreciative of life now and have empathy for others who suffer in a much bigger way because I was there too. 

"Don't Just Be Great. Be AWESOME!"

Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter or just say hi! I love to connect with new people and hear what you’re observing and learning from my content that helps you.

Remember...you were born with a purpose and something bigger than yourself. Only you CAN activate this purpose and no one is going to activate it for you. It’s nobody responsibility to build yourself up but YOU. Take actions daily to live out your ideal life until it happens because you deserved it.

There are challenging and rough times in life that may seem like you can’t get over them or much less through them, but I’m living proof that you can. If a boy from Miami (surrounded by negativity and obscurity) can do it, then so can you!

Your dreams matter because they are reality if you work to make them true. Never forget that! Strive to write your own story and continue to learn and grow. Take the needed steps to continue your self development and growth. 

Be Awesome!

DiIvory Edgecomb


“The 6 Secrets Of High Achievers"And How You Can Use These Secrets To Succeed In Your Life Today!