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I heard mixed reviews about this topic before I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge. I constantly asked myself should I leave my job with benefits (Safety Net) to work for myself and possible have nothing starting off. This was a scary thought at first and I was very hesitant. I didn’t have any friend examples around me to see it done, thought that it wasn’t possible, and figured that I wouldn’t have time to do them both. I then took baby steps to get started. Got my real estate license as well as created my own investment company still thinking SMALL. When my Safety Net seemed to be not so safe anymore, I immediately shifted my mind to entrepreneurship, thought BIG, and have not shifted back! Making this shift, I was then able to notice my friends around me who was already doing this.

It is possible to work your business while have a job. If you look at businesses and the successful people within them you’ll see a trend that’s available for you as well. We all use and can have access to the same tools. The only difference is that the successful people are able to pay for the upgrades you can’t now, but why would that stop you? The most common paid tool that everyone uses is the CELL PHONE, and it could make you millions if used correctly no matter how much money you currently have! There are a ton of free apps and programs you can use to help leverage your time and work productivity. Time is the same for everyone on this planet so own your time and maximize it! Below are a couple of tips I implemented that would help you.


· COMMIT 100%


· Spend 30 minutes a day working your business

· Find strategies that work for you

· Leverage tools and other people

· Analyze things from a management perspective

· Watch or read something educational about your business field each week

· Focus on the Process of your business



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