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The 90 days in my life has been crazy! Life everyone, I set my goals and targets at the beginning of the year and headed into 2016 expecting to reach and exceed them all. What I didn’t expect was to create new bigger goals that paralleled my current ones. What would you do at this point? In doing this, I created massive amounts of energy, dedication, and determination. I knew I had this capability but never tapped into my true potential till then. Instead of being overwhelmed, which at times it was, I put things into perspective and buckled down.

October 4, 2016 made me reflect on my last 90 days. I’m usually a straight forward person and rarely give myself time to reflect on my successes but on this day I had to. Throughout the 90 days I had been working on real estate deals, marketing work, business consulting, studying for a supervisor exam, and writing my first book. During this time, things got tough and new opportunities arose everywhere. October 4, 2016 is day my book promotion launched on Amazon.

I took on the task of handling a lot of the work involved in the book launch to truly understand it. Little did I know how much was involved. The book was listed in five categories and on the first day reached #1 in 2 out of 5 categories! Not only did the book do well, I got amazing feedback on it from people I didn’t expect to respond. While taking the day to enjoy the hard work, I received feedback on all the work that I was working on at the same time. It was so overwhelming, I extended the promotion another day in gratitude!

This article is not about me, but the about the potential you have to produce results and unknown impact they might have on others. That was my real appreciation was to know that something I did helped others in more ways than money (paper) can. You have unlimited creative energy flowing within you just tap into it. Give your efforts a higher purpose to help others and the success will come. You never know who you are going to impact, but just know the feeling or gratitude is amazing!

Stay strong, keep pushing, and know someone in the world is waiting for results to positively effect their life! Be sure to tweet me your success @Diivorye

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