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Bridging The Gaps:

Filling The Space Between Your Success And Failures

About Book

Have you found yourself in the unenviable position of suffering alternating spells of success and failure? Would you rather enjoy a perpetual spell of success without any form of failure interrupting? Life may be dishing you your fair portion of ups and downs, negatives and positives but is there a way you can steer your ship of success without succumbing to the tumultuous waves of failure?

As you go through the vicissitudes of life what have you learned from the fortunes you've enjoyed and the misfortunes you've suffered? And how can you pick yourself up and get yourself on the path of enjoying uninterrupted success? The answers to all of these questions and more are contained in this book.In this succinct and inspiring book, the tools and knowledge you need to be an embodiment of success are brought to the fore and made simple in order of succession to get you from the lowest ebb of the gap to the top and filling the space in between. It doesn't matter what level of life, business or entrepreneurial experience you have, Bridging The Gaps WILL provide you with the practical knowledge and guidelines on how to bridge the gaps in your life.

The harsh reality is none of us were ever taught how to handle our successes and tackle our failures, nor the steps needed to learn from them both. No one explains to you they work and neither are you given this information in any college course and so a lot of people have had to learn from experience thereby paying a high price for it. But the good news is you don't have to go down that road as there is an easier and less expensive way to deal with your successes and failures.In this practical, easy-to-read and action-oriented book, DiIvory Edgecomb explains how you can become more successful and control your successes and failures while learning to keep your successes more frequent.

In this how-to-guide, the reader will be given

  • A life hack on how to reset success at will.
  • Actionable steps on how to spot problems that may be hindering your success and fix it.
  • Pragmatic steps on how to see your failures as potential successes.

Bridging The Gaps shows you EXACTLY how to maximize the true potential of you to operate at your peak state for success. Don't waste your time, money, and energy any longer. Learn the secrets of success and how to be a person that everyone wants to model success from.

Dilvory cuts to the chase in this book, without any prevarication and gives you the points you need in order to maximize your own success-yielding skills in your everyday life. The priceless information he provides in this book stems from his time as a student, athlete, police officer, entrepreneur and coach.

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