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DiIvory Edgecomb's Nationwide Speaking Tour:

"From Everyday Teachings To High Performance Actions & Results"

DiIvory Edgecomb started like everyone with a hope and a dream. To become a professional football athlete and play in the NFL in front of millions of people. When that dream was cut short, DiIvory shifted his goals and ambition to help others. In the last 11 years, he has helped others as a police officer serving his community as well as help entrepreneurs build and scale profitable business. His best skill and what he's known most for is being a high performance coach getting people to perform better in their lives consistently over long periods of time.

DiIvory is one of the best (if not the best) performance coaches in the industry, and has helped a range of people from everyday working class people to 7-figure entrepreneurs with his training

DiIvory's free training videos have been watched by thousands around the world, with over 50,000 views on YouTube. Now it's your turn to see him live or virtually!

When you invite DiIvory Edgecomb to speak your audience will gain:

  • Knowledge: Your crowd will be educated on limiting beliefs and how they play a major role in their growth.

  • Inspired: Your crowd will be inspired by DiIvory's testimony and successes through various obstacles.

  • Empowered: Your crowd will be empowered that they have the abilities to create new outcomes for themselves.

  • Reframe: Your crowd will learn how to reframe instances in life for themselves to overcome any obstacles.

  • Confidence: Your crowd will gain the confidence to know they have the ability to control their lives.

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