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In times of major tragedy or anticipation of a big event, the typical response is fear, flight, and most of all CONTRACTION. In moments like these you must be creative and not follow the consensus or the average actions. This is the perfect opportunity to find a way to grow in someway whether it’s personal development, business, or some type of skill. As Hurricane Matt approaches South Florida, the masses have evacuated, sheltered up, and some may be evening panicking! I have to work during the storm and not just on my job, but on the business of ME.

It’s moments like this I understand why I do my job. When others are contracting and retreating, I’m advancing. Why should this situation be any different? Take the time to fully understand who you are and your strengths. In moments of CONTRACTION, you use your strengths to EXPAND away from the average. The results from this action is massive and only possible to those who work towards it.

If your in South Florida, I challenge you to find a way to expand yourself during this time of contraction. With everything closed or canceled, you now have no excuses or distractions now to find a way to expand. If you are anywhere else in the world, create this moment for yourself and find a way to expand.

Businesses and great people are not created over night, by luck, or just sheer existence. It’s the desire to expand and push through average that we know of them. It’s important you understand this key to success as it is something we all desire in life. Wrapping you head around this concept should give you the spark you need to continue to put in the WORK.

I DARE you to NOT be average and better yourself! You’ll be able to manifest things you didn’t believe was possible. Bad things can occur from a Hurricane or other natural disaster, but what GOOD are you going to create from this one? Be Safe Everyone & Good Luck!

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