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After taking the entrepreneurial plunge I found myself excited to venture out into the world on my own to build and create my own brand and presence. I was working a 9 to 5 employed as a police officer in a country and time now where it’s not a safe profession to be in. Budget cuts and politics was also a big factor to become my own boss. I soon realized that it was a lot that I didn’t know in the vast world of business. I had a lot of ambition and motivation to get started and get results but it seemed like I was so far behind compared to my peers who were getting results in their respected fields. Needless to say, it felt like I was taking information head on from an open fire hose! Even then, I wasn’t discouraged because I knew that if I stayed driven and determined the results will soon follow.

I heard numerous times “Be patient it takes time” but it definitely wasn’t what I wanted to hear, especially when the results were not as fast as I wanted. The best actions I did was seek mentors and people playing the game at a higher level to fast track my results. After starting with real estate then moving to consulting, I found my passion online! I seen a lot of people having success online but didn’t figure it was for me. After working my 9 to 5, then doing my consulting and real estate, I barely had any time for myself and most of all my family. The hours I worked superseded the hours I rested or did anything needed for myself which left me physically tired and drained which isn’t good for anyone.

5 Easy Steps To Success OnlineIt wasn’t until I found my mentors Stuart and Jay who living the life I idolized and wanted for myself while running their businesses online. I switched my focus to online and again I was hit with the “water from a fire hose” feeling again! Further studying and learning from Stuart and Jay, I learned the 5 Easy Steps To Success Online. I couldn’t believe it was that easy so I started implementing the steps and cut out all the other additional knowledge that could deter my focus. I immediately started seeing results and now the internet is my online playground! Best of all, I now have more time and freedom to live the life I deserve and you can too. No one deserves to feel the way I did, yet it’s the lack of knowledge or access to knowledge is what holds anyone back. Success is very obtainable and is possible for you also.

So if this is you also or you just want to grow your business online, click here to get the 5 easy steps to get on your way to living your ideal lifestyle. Knowledge is power and actions on knowledge is key. -DE


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